Monday, November 30, 2009

Prefects soon-to-be wannabees

Haha..I think by looking at the title you would know what the story is about..Cagers10 just would like to congatulate Sdr. Syafiq Sallehin a.k.a Badak '10, Afiz Danial (Apez '11), and Azmi Haqqim (Azmi '12) for getting picked after interviews to be the college prefects..They will join the only Cagers prefect, Sdr. Syafiq Ise '11 in the MC Prefectorial Board 2010..All of us are very proud of you guys and hope you will carry out your responsibilities well..I am quite sure that they will never neglect their responsibilities as a Cager and a prefect as well as abuse their power for their own good..I hope now that some of the Cagers are elected or picked to be leaders..I hope the teachers would just trust us more..

P/S : I don't get it why only 3 of the F4 cagers get the interview..Are they blind not to see our capability in leading??!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Cagers' Best 'Vacation' so far..

We sat for our Final Exam on the last 2 weeks of the school term..It was such a pain for us to sit there and do our exam while other schools..had ended theirs much of them had their last paper a day before we got ours..

And so we ended our exam on the last day of school..which was on Friday, 13th of November. After our Friday prayer, we rushed to our dorms and quickly packed our things before loading them into the bus..we also loaded boxes of mineral water and 100 plus as well as Cagers' important stuff..

34 Cagers from Form 1 till Form 4 joined the camp..we also had a few old boys joining us namely Cikgu Jimmy '91, Syahmi '08, Luqman '08 and of course Abg Ise '80..Aunty Ana also came along to conduct special social skills classes to the Cagers..We reached there at around 7.30 p.m and just in time for the u-15 players to warm themselves up before their game started..

They played a good game that night and the game was very fight and tight! But..the Cagers lost, 48-51 to the other team..but they never give up and still fight to the very last second and until the last whistle is blown..

That night we had our dinner after the game and had a little briefing before we sleep..And we slept peacefully that night..each forms had their own room (but some of them ad to sleep outside!) and some of the form 4s (because of too many) had to share a room with the form 1s..

So the next day, the form 4s, were woken up by Abg Ise and Cikgu Jimmy for a morning jog within the area..We jogged, ran, and even hiked to the top of a hill where they plant cabbages..quite interesting! After we finished our morning activity, the whole cagers gathered at the living room for the communication skills class that was conducted by our very own Aunty Ana. Many were learned and many were shared, like what is the most important thing when you speak? How to tackle certain types of people? And how to handle various things in critical situations..

After having our classes, we get ready for the upcoming match, that very night, we had a lot of rest that evening and really enjoyed our sleep since it was cold.

That night, the Cagers played against a tough team and were beaten .... by the opponent..but they played well and were satisfied with wasn't them who didn't play well..the other team was just better and had the advantage in terms of size and skills..We had a vote that night and named Iqbal as the best player for two straight games.

The next few days were as usual as the first day. We had our morning walk, class, rest and game..

The Cagers in total won 2 matches and lost 3..which makes them no. 4 in placing and surprisingly they won the best team award since they are the only team that have ever played in a tournament in Cameron Highlands..the supporters, led by the form 4s did a very good job in cheering up the team and making the matches, more interesting..

The next day, some of the Cagers had to go back since they have family affairs and plans. Some of them had to go back to koleq to take a Mandarin Oral Test that they were supposed to take 2 days before. Sir, himself, gave a special, last minute tuition for them to make sure that his players pass the exam. And so, the house is left with only 18 Cagers..

On the day that most of the Cagers are leaving, the balance Cagers left were forced by Abg Ise to take a morning stroll since this will be our last day before we leave the next day. Ok, so we went out for a walk to the first, we didnt want to go up to the BOH farm but since this will be our last walk, so we decided to go. Little did we know that BOH farm is situated 15 km from our place..the signboard said 6 km only! Our journey getting up there costed us 1.5 hours and very tired legs.. Everybody was nagging "Abg Chip..where is it? Why so long the journey?" haha.. even Badak nagged about the journey.. so anyway, we reached the place around 10 o'clock and went straight to its highest point, View Point. From there, we could not see a thing because of the thick fog. But the temperature was so cold and windy, we wouldn't want to come down.. But we did and before we left the place, we had a drink at the BOH Tea Shop. Oh! How wonderful it was to drink a cup of tea in cold weather. After that, we bought a few gifts for our family back home and for Abg Ise & Aunty Ana, and Sir. We walked or jogged another 15 kilometers down to our house and reached there around 12.30 p.m. It was such a tiring journey and Mr. Liew, Abg Ise and Aunty Ana were shocked that we hiked 15 km up and jogged another 15 km down..

That night, we had to play a game where everyone was given a piece of paper each, and had to write his name on it. Then, we had to add an adjective before our name. For example, Badak, he put Bombastic Badak, and Aiman, he put Adorable Aiman. There are many other funny names and adjectives. After that, we had to paste it onto our back and make sure that everybody see it and then everybody had to go around to each person and write down positive comments about that person..After everything is done.. Aunty called our name and we have to read what is written on our paper..It was so fuuuunnn..and embarrassing..haha but what to feel ashamed of, we're with our own family, The Cagers Family. The peak of the night was our official Talent Night where every Cager has to sing..Some of them sang well especially Afif with The Climb (he had been practicing all day long), and some of them sang badly like ...(Not gonna say who)..but overall it was fun and entertaining.

We had wrapped up the camp and the night with a speech given by Q-4-G Club President, Sdr. Hilmy Hakim bin Hamzah, Aunty, Abg Ise and lastly by Sir. Sir even sang a song entitled 'Kumbaiya' that night.

The next day, we all prepared ourselves to go back home and leave Cameron Highland. We were very sad to leave the place and all our memories being together laughing and enjoying ourselves for the whole week.. Some of the Cagers left with Abg Ise while the others board the college bus.. we departed at 3.30 and arrived at koleq sometime around 7.30 pm..And so..our Cameron Highland ended there..

The Cagers would like to thank Abg Ise, Aunty Ana and Sir + Cikgu Jimmy so much for their undying effort for really really bringing us to the camp..PIBGs..Thanks to koleq Admins to for their support and help financially and for giving the permission for the Cagers to go..Thanks to Pak Cik Megat for driving us back and forth to Cameron Highlands..Old Boys, esp. Syahmi and Luqman..parents who supported us monetarily..and those who helped us in making this camp a reality..

Thank You very much..

Cagers10 is proudly to conclude..

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Of Puasa and Training..'s Raya's Eve..and I would like to take this opportunity to urge all Muslims to make full use of the day.. =)'s something to share what we Cagers had gone through this Ramadhan..

Well..the first week we had our one-week school break and spent our first week of fasting at home..except for 2 boys who came to Mr. Liew's house for a Study Camp joined by Alep and Rahmat..I would say it was splendid to be with them. we're like.. family.. we studied, we played, we break our fast with the bazaar food..and had our sahur with the Sifu's special fried was delecio0uusss! I kinda miss it now.. Mr. Liew even fast during our stay there..

So..there goes our first week and then comes the following week..we got our results..officially n our position..geez..wouldnt wanna say how bad it is (coz it's really bad)..we trained as usual till one day..Mr. Liew got damn mad at us for not doing the drills properly and not performing in our studies..he went kabboom that evening n it continued for the next 2 weeks..we were very shock n panic..didnt know what 2 do..(bcoz b4 dis yg slalu pujuk sir rahmat n casem, skarang diorg dh xde) we just did what we think is best for him and us..

The 3rd week..after coming back from hometown (again) for Nzul Quran, a few of us..who failed even a paper in our previous exam..has to sit under the tun haniff court was soo boring and coincidently, casem n que came to koleq that day along with abg ise and aunty was hurtful to see them play while we were stuck here studying under the tree..

As time passes does the days of Ramadhan..we sat under the tree for a whole week! from Tuesday, to another tuesday..We picked the puasa days because there were not much of a training in the fitness..

Finally till the last day had come..we came down..(early) and enjoyed every single second of the training session..we got the chance to play some games..and win some too..but the feeling to touch n dribble the ball was the best! we never got to touch the ball when we were under the tree..

Mr. Liew also wrote a song bout the tree, but I cant remember what's the lyric..

We vowed to the tree never to meet IT again..and so i hope that we shall never meet..

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Study Camp

After receiving our fails last week..a few of us were invited to go on a study camp at Mr. Liew's house in Kuala Kangsar..the camp was supposed to be in Cameron Highlands but was cancelled due to H1N1..

Only 2 of us turned up for the camp..only me n Am..since we are the ones who did really badly in our last exam. So we came yesterday and arrived at 3 pm by bus along with Rahmat '07 and Alep '06. We challenged our coach on a 3 on 3 yesterday..with Alep, Rahmat and I on one side..and Mr. Liew, Am and Tai Check on one side..unfortunately..we lost 2-1 to Sir's team..then we had our 'buka puase' here in his house with ayam percik and ikan keli..

Then today, we had our sahur at 5 in the morning and ate our Nasi Goreng Ayam that we bought last night..after we ate, we had our prayer and head to the living room to continue with our tuition. Guess what..? Sir had appointed Alep as our tutor for the whole camp.. and he taught us Logarithms this morning. It was so hard for us to the morning for 4 hours!! After that, we had our sleep after at 10 am till 2 p.m. Then we continued our studies till 4 before heading off to the bazaar to buy things for our 'buka puasa'..

Lastly, the thing we've all been wanting to do since last night..REVENGE!! Alep, Rahmat and I had our revenge on sir's team by winning 2-1..Haha..We had 4 matches but the last match tak kira!!haha..Alep and Rahmat taught me how to shoot properly and we had our bath at Prep School..(terjun kolam..sabun form 1..semua abes..haha) Then we had our buka puasa at home and went to the Ubudiah Mosque (except for Rahmat, pemalas!) for Isya' and Tarawih prayer..
And the end of the day, we are now teaching sir how to use the download songs from the internet. He really love the songs Fraulein and Smokes Get In Your Eyes..

And so the next few days have yet to come and Mr. Liew is now waiting for his revenge..

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Best Cager Q4G Has Ever Had!!

Last week..on Tuesday..we came down for usual..not knowing that there would be a surprise waiting for was in the gym since it was raining, and we did our most usual thing which is layup..and while we were doing it, we saw two men, one kinda fat (no offense ammar) and one was a tall buff man heading to the gym and guess who it was Alep from Class of '06, the best Cager Q4G has ever had!!

We were proud to see him here and plus being his form 1 in 2006..we're very very happy to see him there..although it has been like 3 years since he went out from koleq, his skills are still solid and perfect! There's nothing you can deny about him!

The next few days were one of the best we had ever experienced..we came down..did our warm-ups and then..prrrrtt!! GAME TIME!! there had never been a time where Mr. Liew called for game time after warming up!!haha..

We really enjoyed and valued our time with Alep cause the he rarely come down now that he is in Egypt..we had a great time during the last night before we went back to our hometown..he spent us 10 bungkus of Nasi Goreng Ayam..haha and discussed about problems and management in the team..he truly is.. the best!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

New Member!

I think all of you knew already who failed and who didn't in the previous test..we thought just the 5 of us..
But a certain someone just got his result today and totally blew his physics paper and will be joining us sitting..studying enjoying the scenery under the Tun Haniff Court tree..and here I would like to welcome El to the club..!!

b a d a k c h i p a m s h a h a m m a r e l

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

H1N1..owh such a troublesome..

I'm sure you guys know already about the serious swine flu that has been haunting the whole world since a few months back, the H1N1..

Malaysia has been such a fine country until a certain someone (don't know who) came back on a flight from overseas and spread the deathly disease..the virus spreads so fast and so easy..this country haven't had it's death case till the first death case occur..sometime around last few weeks..The number rose from day to day and seems to be rising..there was nothing the government could do nor the people..Many events were canceled and will be to prevent gatherings of crowds..and many trips were canceled to like the supposed-to-be visit of the President of Singapore to MCKK today due to influenza A..

The Cagers trip to Penang and Taiping last week were also canceled as the MOE gave orders not to join any competitions, training programs and gatherings that weren't organised by the ministry. And so the trips were canceled. Man..! we were very very excited about the trips because the trips were supposed to be after the exams, so we were thinking by getting out of the college compound can make our heads forget about the exams while enjoying a few friendly matches..but, there was nothing we can do other than pray and hope that this virus will not enter the college ground..

But Mr. Liew has said that the trips were not canceled instead they were postponed to an unknown date..we just have to wait till the disease is over..

Well..I think we have to rethink why does this virus came to Malaysia and spread so quickly..maybe we had done something wrong or many things that are wrong..God won't just send this thing to mankind for no this upcoming fasting month, let's just pray pray and pray and hope for miracles to happen (with efforts of course!)